You can get places by walking.

I recently went out of town to several different places, both for work and for pleasure. Towards the end of my third and final trip in three months I realized that I had not driven a car once on any of those trips, and most of the time I avoided being in cars altogether when possible. I wondered if this had something to do with the fact that I felt much happier in general and also that I didn’t seem to have put on a ton of weight despite the fact that two of those trips were to places with amazing food.

When I came back I thought, hmm, wouldn’t it be interesting if I tried to drive a lot less? Can I do it? I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, which does not have a fantastic public transportation system, but I do also only live about a mile and a half from my office. However, I also live on a big hill, and it gets really hot sometimes in Cincinnati. But you know what? Right now it’s not that hot. The past few weeks the temperature has been great, and walking to work has been amazing. Even if I go back to driving 95% of the time, I hope that I can at least remember that sometimes, like when I’m going to meet my friends for coffee and don’t have to be dressed up, and have all the time I need to get there, I can take a stroll and still end up exactly where I want to be.


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