Baseball: the sport of happy sloths. 

Today is the first game of the World Series. Either the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Cubs will win the series. Neither team has won in my lifetime, or probably in yours unless you were born before the 1950s. 

I love sports. I love getting to watch people do something that they’re really good at, and I love the feeling that you get when you’re in a crowd that’s rooting for the same team, especially when you win. And I love how when my team wins I get to say that “we” won, as if I has anything to do with it. 

I am excited for this World Series. I am excited to watch two Midwestern teams who I am personally not invested in play some really good baseball. I am excited that millions of people will take hours our of their lives in the next week to watch a game that goes slowly and incrementally, without a timer and without any overt violence. I am excited for the people who will bond with strangers while watching the games in bars and in the stadiums. Go team! 


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