Halloween: Being someone else for a day.

Halloween. Kids love it. Adults sometimes love it. Candy companies certainly love. But I want to think deeper about the idea of being someone else for a day. Where does that desire come from, and what does it mean? What does it teach us about ourselves when we pick a costume that we will then wear in public around both friends and strangers alike?

In that respect, I think kids do a much better job of picking costumes as adults. I mean, kids tend to dress up as aspirational or fun things, like an astronaut, or a unicorn, or Batman. Adults, on the other hand, tend to pick costumes they think will make them look hot and get them laid. I would much rather go around for a day pretending to be a cowboy than a sexy prison inmate. Because, seriously, no. Ick.

Maybe adults pick such terrible costumes because we’re so self conscious most of the time that Halloween is the only night when we can even kind of pretend to be what we want to really be. Which is hopefully not a sexy prison inmate, but still. Maybe we just want to feel attractive. Why can’t we do that in costumes that are aspirational or fun, the way the kids do? Am I being too serious about all this?

So how do/did you pick your Halloween costume? Which one was your favorite? Why?


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